As we get the show on the road as they say, we start off with our very first interviewed guest, John La Fleur II, who sat down with LA Heart Beats Cofounder, Sudie Landry to give us the scoop on his VERY interesting life and his new cookbook

Although I didn’t have the pleasure of being at this interview, I was told John was SO full of fascinating things to say that we will definitely need to have him back for a second sitting to hear the rest of his story!  Not only does John teach French in Evangeline Parish, but he’s an amazing cook, author, artist and owner of a beautiful bed & breakfast home. 

So let’s begin with the cookbook – pictured here – called “Creole Gourmet Secrets of Louisiana” – where you will find recipes that carry their original French name along with the English translation beneath it.  You also get cultural history information paired with beautiful pictures of art, depicting our area through the “still-painting” technique.  So, not only do you have tasty authentic recipes to choose from – you have your own art gallery collection to browse through.  After only being on the shelves a few weeks, it is now into its 4th printing… so this is a must-have for your kitchen counter and for anyone on your gift list who loves to cook! 

Looking at the art of the cookbook, you get a gorgeous glimpse into the charm of his B&B located in Washington, LA, and called “The Courtableau Bed & Breakfast House.”  John purchased the home 10 years ago, and later learned that years before it had actually belonged to his great-grandfather in the 1700’s!  How unbelievable is that?!   With that knowledge, he restored the property back to its original condition and now you and I can go and stay and enjoy it too.  For more information on how to get your own copy of the cookbook or to reserve your room, go to

As an additional treat for us and our viewers, Mr. La Fleur brought along the man who works very closely with him as his editorDavid Ellzey.  Seems interesting people hang with other very interesting peeps, because David not only spent many hours with John helping him to create and self-publish this book, but he also is fluent in several languages AND does one-of-a-kind, handsculptured porcelain pieces!  We will definitely have him back to showcase more of his talent.