Carl Comeaux and I met many years ago and became active in promoting Gospel Singers, ministries and more. Brother Carl as I know him, was also an entertainer who had given his heart to The Lord and never looked back.

In the 1990’s we seemed to always be connecting in the Gospel Concerts and outreach ministries. Many knew him as ‘The Gentle Giant’. He could pick a guitar and turn those bar room songs into preaching sermons, at least back then.

Carl then joined my television show team in 2010 at Acadiana Open Channel Multi Media station. He would take out of his busy schedule and bring a sound system to the station so that we could accommodate our singers. Within a year, his work hours changed, but he continued to let us borrow his sound system.

Carl Comeaux went on to become an Ordained Minister of the Gospel. He started Bible Studies, got a spot on our local Christian Radio Talk Program that continues today.

His heart desire is to continue to grow and minister as an Evangelist. He is active in may outreaches and continues to be invited to preach at various churches while maintaining a couple of jobs.

If you would like a man of the Gospel who preaches the simple message of the cross from the Bible as written, then send him an invite.

I still wear a t-shirt that represented his beginning ministry…On it reads ‘So Blessed that the Devil Can’t Stand It’….I wore it on the day of this taping. The smile on his face and that awesome chuckle was a welcomed sound…I live his line….I AM So Blessed That The Devil Can Not Stand Me.. I have worn out many of these shirts and plan on making more….

Shoot him an email. You can also find him quoting The Word on Face Book…