George states, “My life has led me through an incredible journey that has taught me what it truly means to live.

Be sure to get your copy of ‘Survivor… Memoirs of a WWW II Vet’ by George F. Schneider.

In this book, he shares accurate details of his experiences and corrects what he claims has been inaccurate information reported to the public by the media in some cases. You will have to read the book to see what his corrected information.

George served in the Army for five campaigns. During this time he was awarded ‘The Purple Heart’.

After the war was over, George was knighted by the French Government for contributions toward Frances’ liberation.

George is a member and active presently in four organizations. He is in his 90’s and plans to stay active until he takes his last breath.

The following organizations are listed below:

Veterans of the 30th Infantry Division of WWW II ‘Battle of The Bulge’

Disabled American Veterans

Military Order of the Purple Heart

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