Jordan has now authored ‘Days with my Father’s Ghost’. Not only was she the caretaker to a dying mother with cancer a few years ago, she was now faced to become the caretaker of her father diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. To add to this burden, she was an only with no sibling help.  At this time she also finds herself a divorced and single mother of two trying to save her failing business.

In her book, you will journey through six years and walk through the 2,013 impossible days that a daughter spent watching her father die of Alzheimer’s. You will cry, you will laugh, and you will learn how she survived and grew from it.

After his disease and care became her sole responsibility, she began a journal about the experiences and emotions felt while watching her father’s disease turned him into a ghost. And somewhere along that journey, she  also became grateful for the courage that his ghost scared her into finding.

Her father also a writer left behind poems and she shares them along with her own during s this moving story. This book should be shared with anyone going through this situation. Her book leaves you with knowing that she had done all the things needed during the times of series decisions. No more guilt. Her journey was over.