Child of God, wife, mother, Registered Nurse, Substance Abuse, Gospel Singer and now published author. ‘If I Had Only 25 Hours In A Day’

Melinda Turner graduated from Nicholls State University located in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. Melinda was invited to speak on the topic of addiction by the Wes Morgan Ministry and soon found her new mission  in life was to bring awareness to the battle of addiction through education.

Placing God first in her life and family, she believed that everything would follow. In her book, ‘If I Only Had 25 Hours in a Day’, she shares her personal account on how a busy life can become too busy and one could soon find themselves not living but just existing.

This book shares the change that she needed to make in her life with her faith and time God gave her and gives us.

Her desire is that her story will help others make the change or changes needed. Through Prayer, faith and some amazing testimonies, the reader will learn that no circumstance is too big for God to help. has her book ‘If I Had Only 25 hours in A Day ‘ available for purchase.