Miki Pfeffer earned her Ph.D. in Urban History after long careers as a fashion illustrator in New Orleans department stores and as a manufacturer’s representative of women’s business fashions. Her decade-long research grows naturally from that involvement in women’s presentation of self and from her observation of women’s struggle for power and acknowledgment in the workplace. She is not surprised that issues in the Woman’s Department of the 1884 Cotton Centennial Exposition are still pertinent in the twenty-first century.

Miki’s recent book, ‘Southern Ladies and Suffragists: Julia Ward Howe and Women’s Rights at the 1884 New Orleans World’s Fair’ won the 2015 Eudora Welty Prize for scholarship in Women’s Studies and Southern Studies from the Mississippi University for Women.

Dr. Pfeffer is currently editing the letters of New Orleans writer Grace King and researching the life of Louisiana suffragist and reformer Caroline Merrick.

All information on this post is shared from Miki Pfeffer’s own web site. I could not have given the proper credit to her remarkable work in my own words…

Thank you Mike for being on my local talk show!

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