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We will continue featuring our local lalent and inspirational stories on our weekly show. The year 2014 has already started out with excitement!!! The Louisiana Heart Beat Show  crew and I have been asked to help produce some footage for an upcoming documentary on one of the original stars of the old black and white  low budget horror classic “Axe”. The bueray disc will be released by March in Hollywood.

One of our own now local, Ray Green had starred in this horror flick. His son, and  long time friend of mine, Pastor Scott Green will do the interview. Scott has always been a movie buff himself. He now pastors a church in Natchez Mississippi.

It will be on AOC soon!!!

Sudie Landry

Louisiana Heart Beats

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Want to see all of the AMAZING talent we’ve had on our show over the last few years?

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Do you have a gift or talent to share with the world?  Do you know someone else who deserves to be seen and heard for what they do each and every day to change lives and affect our community?  Let us know – we’d LOVE to have you on our show!

Do you Mishmash???

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t offer our services out to all our readers who may include artists and authors looking for INEXPENSIVE ways to promote their work!

So, let me give you a brief history of Mishmash Promotions:

We are also Surge Productions, a company that organizes, facilitates and promotes both local family-friendly music events AND a quarterly magazine here in Acadiana.  Owner, Danny Dardeau, works with 2 local graphic artists to create each and every promotional piece (including our website,, for every event we’ve had, SO it was only logical that he find both the BEST and most cost-effective designers and method for printing what we needed to keep within our  OWN event budgets.  As a result, other local businesses took notice (most of them either volunteers, friends, or sponsors for our events), and ask if we could provide the same service to them.

Since our heart is to HELP people, the answer was “YES!”  Now we are expanding and offering it to YOU!  We also have discounted rates for NON-PROFITS, both because we love what they do in the community and want to help them spread the word about their services, but ALSO because we know how limited funding is within a charity organization.

Please email me at to schedule a quick 15-min appointment, so I can assess your needs and help you save some money!

Have a business or a book that could use a little promoting?  I think we all come to realize at some point that we just can’t do it ALL ourselves – sometimes we need a little help to get where we’re going.  If you don’t have enough hours in the day to get the word out about what you do, then contact Louisiana Heart Beat’s own Linda Doucet, of LLD Public Relations and Marketing, and let this little fireball of networking do it for you!   To see more, check out her website at, and put her to work for your business. 🙂

First Few Tidbits…

Everyone’s offering business advice – so that’s not what this is…I’m leaving that to the experts.  What we are doing in this section called “Biz Tidbits” is just passing along great stuff we find or hear relating to business as we go about our days.  Although some of it may be a little obvious at times – like setting up a Facebook page for your business, since everyone’s brother’s cousin’s friend has got one now — sometimes the obvious escapes us all when we get caught up in our busy day…so I’m going to put it here anyway.  That’s the beauty of a blog. 🙂

So here goes: – If you are an artist or craftsman and make interesting work you would like to sell, ETSY is the place to go!!!  Check it out – thousands of artists and even people with hobbies turned into businesses – if you made it, you can sell it here.  I also recently discovered that when I searched for “ETSY” on Twitter, a LOT of the artist that sell on the site also tweet and you can follow them to see when they have new stuff to sell!

Tipitina’s Music Co-op – If you are a musician in the Acadiana area and need to lease studio space, I just read an article in The Independent Weekly about Tipitina’s — Google them to see exactly where they’re located in Lafayette.   If you are a visual artist, then The Alamo does the same for you — leases studio space! How cool is that??  Apparently, a company called “Launch Pad” is coming to Lafayette too – they will provide office space for lease for “laptop businessmen”  so they don’t have to camp out in coffee shops anymore.  Phone, internet, and desk space will be included! – Check this out for all stats and good stuff on local business, AND they have a new publication coming out that is jam-packed with good info for anyone in business.

FREE workshops at the LA Small Business Development Center – To go to these, you gotta reserve a seat – call (337)262-5344.    The first is on  5/25/10, 9AM-11AM – “Into the Mind of a Banker” – biz plans, loan insights, banker/client relationships – LEDA conference room at 211 Devalcourt in Lafayette.   Also, on 5/26/10, 9:30AM-12:30 PMTax professional helps entrepreneurs with managing biz expenses, receipts, and tax updates – South Regional Library at 6101 Johnston St. in Lafayette. checked this site out because of all the commercials on TV that you can build your own site easily and host it for around $4 a month – and I was pleasantly surprised that they have a WHOLE LOT more on the site in the way of great info for new businesses!  They have links to info on trademarking, copyrighting, patents, tax laws, getting investors, and even more.  I was so busy looking at all that stuff – I never even got to the part about making a site! 

Obvious tidbit – If you’re not already on Facebook or Twitter with your business – DO IT!!! It’s easy and it’s FREE FREE FREE!!!  Something changes in your business – tweet it.  Make an improvement in a product or release a new piece of music or have a gallery opening – tweet it! Or take lots of pics, and make sure to post them on Facebook to show the world.

Got a bit of info for others too?  Please comment and tell everyone all about it!