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Hello there! Yours truly here! Yes, I was actually interviewed by one our other show hosts, Marlice Young Dugas to let the world know that I too have written four books that have just been released!

These books were written in the 1990’s and shelved until it they could be published. Well, thanks to a dear friend who also owns Cypress Cove Publishing, Neal Bertrand, it is happening now as you read this article.

These are the four books released as a Spiritual Warfare Series, levels 1-4.

Silent Prayer…level 1
Trail of Six Roses…level 2
Mom Bradley’s Crossover…level 3
Supernatural Encounters of the Godly Kind…level 4

Check out Type in Sudie Landry and all books for sale at this time will come up. There you will read a brief description of what each book is about. Please consider purchasing a book or more.

If you, your organization or church would like for me to come speak, then contact me by email or call and leave a message.

I have been described as the flip side of Stephen King. I take you on the trips of the Godly Kind into the Supernatural world through these multiple mini stories of truth. You are invited to come along.


Meet Ngozi. She is the screen writer of the play “The Truth About Chastity”. Her heart is to motivate and encourage our young people of today to save themselves for the future mate that God has for them by substaining from having sex prior to marriage.

To learn more about this play, please email her
Tycarlous Deberry He was the director of this play.