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Carl Comeaux and I met many years ago and became active in promoting Gospel Singers, ministries and more. Brother Carl as I know him, was also an entertainer who had given his heart to The Lord and never looked back.

In the 1990’s we seemed to always be connecting in the Gospel Concerts and outreach ministries. Many knew him as ‘The Gentle Giant’. He could pick a guitar and turn those bar room songs into preaching sermons, at least back then.

Carl then joined my television show team in 2010 at Acadiana Open Channel Multi Media station. He would take out of his busy schedule and bring a sound system to the station so that we could accommodate our singers. Within a year, his work hours changed, but he continued to let us borrow his sound system.

Carl Comeaux went on to become an Ordained Minister of the Gospel. He started Bible Studies, got a spot on our local Christian Radio Talk Program that continues today.

His heart desire is to continue to grow and minister as an Evangelist. He is active in may outreaches and continues to be invited to preach at various churches while maintaining a couple of jobs.

If you would like a man of the Gospel who preaches the simple message of the cross from the Bible as written, then send him an invite.

I still wear a t-shirt that represented his beginning ministry…On it reads ‘So Blessed that the Devil Can’t Stand It’….I wore it on the day of this taping. The smile on his face and that awesome chuckle was a welcomed sound…I live his line….I AM So Blessed That The Devil Can Not Stand Me.. I have worn out many of these shirts and plan on making more….

Shoot him an email. You can also find him quoting The Word on Face Book…



Child of God, wife, mother, Registered Nurse, Substance Abuse, Gospel Singer and now published author. ‘If I Had Only 25 Hours In A Day’

Melinda Turner graduated from Nicholls State University located in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. Melinda was invited to speak on the topic of addiction by the Wes Morgan Ministry and soon found her new mission  in life was to bring awareness to the battle of addiction through education.

Placing God first in her life and family, she believed that everything would follow. In her book, ‘If I Only Had 25 Hours in a Day’, she shares her personal account on how a busy life can become too busy and one could soon find themselves not living but just existing.

This book shares the change that she needed to make in her life with her faith and time God gave her and gives us.

Her desire is that her story will help others make the change or changes needed. Through Prayer, faith and some amazing testimonies, the reader will learn that no circumstance is too big for God to help. has her book ‘If I Had Only 25 hours in A Day ‘ available for purchase.


Ellen Threatts is an employee of The Abbeville General Hospital in The Behavioral Medicine Center in Abbeville, La.  Her title is Mental Health Technician. Through a structured plan of individual counseling, group therapy, coordinated activities and family support, patients are given the opportunity for renewal of social, physical and mental skills.

Now widowed for a few years, this is where she and her late husband had met. Ellen is in the process of releasing her first book which journals day by day  her dealing with  her four seasons of grief.

Ellen was recently selected to become the Publicist of our local Writers’ Guild of Acadiana in Lafayette, La.. Within a few short weeks, she had brought new ideas accepted to be  used in our membership events. Welcome Ellen Threatts!

Email her for updates on her book and when it will be available.

George states, “My life has led me through an incredible journey that has taught me what it truly means to live.

Be sure to get your copy of ‘Survivor… Memoirs of a WWW II Vet’ by George F. Schneider.

In this book, he shares accurate details of his experiences and corrects what he claims has been inaccurate information reported to the public by the media in some cases. You will have to read the book to see what his corrected information.

George served in the Army for five campaigns. During this time he was awarded ‘The Purple Heart’.

After the war was over, George was knighted by the French Government for contributions toward Frances’ liberation.

George is a member and active presently in four organizations. He is in his 90’s and plans to stay active until he takes his last breath.

The following organizations are listed below:

Veterans of the 30th Infantry Division of WWW II ‘Battle of The Bulge’

Disabled American Veterans

Military Order of the Purple Heart

To purchase his book, contact him by email…

Jack’s quote is “It takes a real man to write Historical Fiction”

He was born and raised in the Bayou County of Louisiana. Jack is an author, amateur historian, professional economic developer, playwright, and like many Cajuns, a darn good cook.

Always a history buff, Jack found and fell in love with Jane Austen in his twenties. He was struck by her innate understanding o the human condition.

Jack uses his work to share his knowledge of history. Through his characters, he hopes the reader gains a better understanding of what went on before, developing an appreciation for our ancestors’ trials and tribulation.

When  he is not writing or traveling with Barbara, Jack attempts to play golf. He is a devout convert to Roman Catholicism. Jack is married and has three grown sons.

All information shared  from  a promotional article.

Check out his website to see the many published works of Jack Caldwell.


He can be found on Twitter, Goodreads, and Linkedin



Bob Bienvenu is author to the series of ‘The Time Traveler’ coming your way soon. There will be a total of six for your reading pleasure.

Books in this series will be in the publishing steps soon. All have been written and will be available on for purchase.

Listed below are the coming books.

Time Tripping and The Planets

Time Traveler Anthology

Time Babies

Time Traveler Revisited

Bob is also a world class Power Lifting Champion. He has many medals to show for his accomplishments.

Check out his website for more information..

Neal Bertrand is a local book publisher located in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has successfully published many cookbooks of his own. He is known to many as ‘ The Cookbook Dude’…

  Neal is now focusing on sharing helpful suggestions or offering his publishing company’s service to help new authors get their material into publication. 

Neal and I have teamed up and done many events to encourage the public to support our local authors. We are both members of our local writing guild known as The Writers’ Guild of Acadiana. I am the current President.

  Neal has now published my book series, ‘Spiritual Warfare’…Check out my website to view the books and see his quality of work.

If you need information or would like his company help you get your book published, check out his web site.

Go to and type in my show name…louisiana heart beats show…Several videos will come up….Scroll down until you see the 12/21/16 date and Neal and I ….He has been on my show many times, so there are several videos with him…All different topics….All good….

Please like his page and check out mine while you are on the net…:)

Dana Judice has just released his first children’s book, ‘I Wish Daddy Was Santa Claus’. It was a huge success at all of his recent book signings during the Christmas Holidays and continues to sell.Dana spins into this tale from questions that small children usually ask…Is daddy Santa Claus ?

This is a must purchase story that will be the spring board to feature his upcoming new ‘I Wish Series’ that will focus on more serious topics.Check out his website at to view this first release. Every child should have a copy of this book. It is now on the shelves of our local Barnes & Noble Bookseller and on his personal website.

Order now your copy from his

He will be soon releasing his second book soon. Like his page to stay updated…

Go to and type in louisiana heart beats show….My show videos will come up. Scroll down until you find Dana Judice….and enjoy his interview. I sure did!!! Telephone #…337-232-1234

Mike Blanchard comes on my show with Jim Richard to share why Hospice has teamed up to be the sponsor of The Cajun Comic Relief scheduled yearly in March yearly at The Heymann Performing Arts Center. This year the date scheduled is March 25, 2017….This will be the 25th anniversary  of The Cajun Comic Relief entertaining Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana with laughter from new and well established comedians.To obtain more details and information list above should help you.

For your viewing pleasure go to and type in louisiana heart beats show and my videos will come up…scroll down until you see Mike Blanchard and Jim Richard on the screen.

Mike shares details of all of the services that Hospice of Acadiana offers, not just end of life comfort.

While you are on the site, please check out some of our other guests. Musicians, authors, ministers, inspirational speakers and more….Enjoy!!!

As I return to taping for my Louisiana Heart Beats Show, I soon find out as I start to book guests, that my friend Jim Richard has also had a rough 2016 medical year. As we sit at my studio green screen, his story unfolds and I soon realize that he too had been very sick and was back and ready to talk. His well known comedy show is scheduled yearly in March at  The Heyman Performing Arts Center on Saturday March 25, 2017.

For more details, view our posted show video on www. type in louisianaheartbeats show. Scroll down until you see Jim and me on the screen.

For more information or to volunteer to help, email or call 337-298-9717 (leave a message)

His new sponsor for this event is Hospice of Acadiana.