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 “With God, all things are possible to those who believe and are called according to His purpose and plan.”   This is our own Miss Sudie Landry’s favorite bible verse…and she has proven it to be true with all of her life’s work and her positive spirit in driving others to reach their goals and dreams.  As a cofounder of Louisiana Heart Beats, Miss Sudie hopes to help as many folks as she can gain exposure and recognition for their gifts, but also helps others by sharing her amazing stories of her personal, true life experiences through her blog, “The Lighthouse Tells.” 

Take a few moments of your day to read a few of her blog posts – you won’t be disappointed by the message!  Go to to be WOW’d!!! 🙂  Love ya Miss Sudie.


While I was searching for an artist online that I had seen at the Festival International, I discovered this site – Zydeco Cajun Prairie Scenic Byway at  – which, if you click on “Arts & Artisans,” will give you lists and lists of a bunch of stuff like “Artists, Musicians, and Craftspeople,” “Performing Arts Facilities,” “Art Galleries,” “Museums” and “Art in Public Space” — for about 15 different areas around us in Louisiana!  Talk about some good info! 🙂 You can also click tabs for subjects like “History & Culture,” “Nature & Wildlife, and “Food & Fun.”  

Check it out to learn more about our fascinating state, and visit some of these spots in your free time to keep the Arts and culture alive in our communities.  See you on the road!