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Neal Bertrand is a local book publisher located in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has successfully published many cookbooks of his own. He is known to many as ‘ The Cookbook Dude’…

  Neal is now focusing on sharing helpful suggestions or offering his publishing company’s service to help new authors get their material into publication. 

Neal and I have teamed up and done many events to encourage the public to support our local authors. We are both members of our local writing guild known as The Writers’ Guild of Acadiana. I am the current President.

  Neal has now published my book series, ‘Spiritual Warfare’…Check out my website to view the books and see his quality of work.

If you need information or would like his company help you get your book published, check out his web site.

Go to and type in my show name…louisiana heart beats show…Several videos will come up….Scroll down until you see the 12/21/16 date and Neal and I ….He has been on my show many times, so there are several videos with him…All different topics….All good….

Please like his page and check out mine while you are on the net…:)

Dana Judice has just released his first children’s book, ‘I Wish Daddy Was Santa Claus’. It was a huge success at all of his recent book signings during the Christmas Holidays and continues to sell.Dana spins into this tale from questions that small children usually ask…Is daddy Santa Claus ?

This is a must purchase story that will be the spring board to feature his upcoming new ‘I Wish Series’ that will focus on more serious topics.Check out his website at to view this first release. Every child should have a copy of this book. It is now on the shelves of our local Barnes & Noble Bookseller and on his personal website.

Order now your copy from his

He will be soon releasing his second book soon. Like his page to stay updated…

Go to and type in louisiana heart beats show….My show videos will come up. Scroll down until you find Dana Judice….and enjoy his interview. I sure did!!! Telephone #…337-232-1234

Mike Blanchard comes on my show with Jim Richard to share why Hospice has teamed up to be the sponsor of The Cajun Comic Relief scheduled yearly in March yearly at The Heymann Performing Arts Center. This year the date scheduled is March 25, 2017….This will be the 25th anniversary  of The Cajun Comic Relief entertaining Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana with laughter from new and well established comedians.To obtain more details and information list above should help you.

For your viewing pleasure go to and type in louisiana heart beats show and my videos will come up…scroll down until you see Mike Blanchard and Jim Richard on the screen.

Mike shares details of all of the services that Hospice of Acadiana offers, not just end of life comfort.

While you are on the site, please check out some of our other guests. Musicians, authors, ministers, inspirational speakers and more….Enjoy!!!

As I return to taping for my Louisiana Heart Beats Show, I soon find out as I start to book guests, that my friend Jim Richard has also had a rough 2016 medical year. As we sit at my studio green screen, his story unfolds and I soon realize that he too had been very sick and was back and ready to talk. His well known comedy show is scheduled yearly in March at  The Heyman Performing Arts Center on Saturday March 25, 2017.

For more details, view our posted show video on www. type in louisianaheartbeats show. Scroll down until you see Jim and me on the screen.

For more information or to volunteer to help, email or call 337-298-9717 (leave a message)

His new sponsor for this event is Hospice of Acadiana.

Cheri Carlton…Unexpected Blessings

Welcome back to the Louisiana Heart Beats Talk Show blog. Cheri Carlton was my first guest of the new 2017 year. I am so glad to return after being out of the recording studio since June 2016. Against all medical odds, I was able to have the gallbladder removed on September 13, 2016. I have lots to be thankful for. This video show will be on you-tube and facebook. We both will share true blessings bestowed upon us for 2016.

To view all show videos done, please go to and type in louisianaheartbeats show in the search bar…Scroll down to view the topic of your choice.

Cheri Carlton does what she needs to do to earn extra money since she is also on disability…She can be seen climbing trees to pick oranges, bending over or on her knees to pick pecans, or even carrying a tray of her homemade goodies. She works to sell her products.

She was on a busy 4 lane thruway recently selling her pecans at the 6 am. She was in the middle with traffic passing her by on both sides. She shared this story and others on our show of the tremendous financial blessing that she did receive at that location.

Cheri also had D.I.D…She deals with many personalities within her system. She has authored her first book on this topic. ‘I AM WE’…It is now for sale on  It is an amazing story that not only lets us get a glimpse into her life dealing with this multiple personality issue growing up. She shares heart wrenching tidbits but writes to educate and explain to the reader. It is educational and should be in the medical offices or libraries. I believe that this book by her will become a best seller or even a movie in the near future. is her email if you would like to get a signed book order from her or invite her to come speak and share her story. Please help her share a truly inspirational story.

My show is on Cox Cable 15 every Monday night at 9 pm and LUS Fiber….For those who do not get this service, is why we post on you-tube and facebook.

Enjoy…And be Blessed….Always….















Hello Everyone !!!

Please continue to enjoy reading my Louisiana Heart Beats Blog. This page will be updated on all of my television guests as soon as I can get back to the studio. I am out due to a needed surgery that is pending, but hopefully happening soon.


While you are here, also check out all  my posted show videos on you tube. Just type in   louisiana heart beats show and they will all come up for your viewing pleasure. Just scroll down until you find one of interest to you.

Also, check out and type in  sudie landry and you will see all of my publish books on ‘The Spiritual Warfare Series’ pop up for your viewing pleasure. Check them out and tell others.

Until next, BE Blessed and keep Reading!!!

Sudie Landry

Acadiana Memories, LLC…3/16/16

Heather E. Cypel has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and absolutely loves our wonderful Acadiana Heritage. She grew up in South Louisiana listening to her Granny tell stories of when she was young.

Heather feels that family is so important and was fortunate enough to have grown up very closely to her grandmothers.” Their love and advice, she says, has shaped the person that she is today.”

Heather found that when she tried to tell the stories herself, she found that she could not remember many and especially not the WAY they told them! Thus Acadiana Memories was developed  as she saw a profound need to preserve family stories and the stories, advice and personalities of those that raised us and made us who we are, as individuals and as a culture.

Heather goes on to say that our Cajun heritage is so vibrant and unique. Each and every life that has contributed to shape it deserves to be remembered.

These stories, advice and personalities of our loved ones can live on to shape another generation. She wants to help make that happen!







‘The Spiritual Warfare Series’…by Sudie Landry

Type in Sudie Landry and all 4 of my books will come up for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks to  All 4 books are now available in ebooks.

These are my TRUE PARANORMAL stories shared from my experiences from THE HEAVENLY REALM… There are such things are angels and demons…These books of SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS will give you hope and give you the hunger to walk closer with your maker.

Sudie Landry

Cory Levier will soon be having his very own show here on Acadiana Open Channel Multi-Media Television Station. Today I am having him as my guest, and I let him talk about his upcoming new show. Channels 15 & 16 and LUS Fiber 3 & /4. If you do not have Cox cable, then you may not be able to access it.

Cory is very committed to The Cyclebreakers Coalition….He was involved in the free seminar hosted by the NRA recently ‘Refuse to be a Victim Seminar.’

He will have may topics of interest and discuss community issues and share ideas of how to work together as a community to resolve TOGETHER the needed plans of action.

If you would like for Cory to know about issues in your area and would like his help or just have him made aware of your concerns, then contact him through his personal email with your details.

email him at

Cory has served 3 terms of service in the U.S. Army. He has many great ideas to meet the needs of troubled kids that society has given up on. He will be installing a boot camp for these kids, but it will be run with love and respect…by him other like minded people. Contact him for more information regarding this and his upcoming show.


What would you do when the life of your only child and the fate of the world hang in the balance?

The Child of The King: The Sapphire takes place in a magical world ruled by a benevolent King and Queen. When the Royal Palace is attacked by the villan, Drocha, and his minions, the King and Queen decide to send their only Child into hiding in a distant land to protect her life and preserve the Royal bloodline.

The young Child, Anya, is accompanied by a personal bodyguard, Eamon, who uses his special powers to protect her from those seeking to take her life. When Anya grows older, Eamon tells her of her true identity and together they work to keep their Royal secret from friends and foes alike.

Anya’s secret is accidentally revealed to the public, forcing her, Eamon, and her loyal canine companion, Maor, to attempt a trek back to the relative safety of the Island of the King.

The journey, though, won’t be easy, as the governor of that region wants to take the Child captive. Even with the help of Guardians sent by the King, the heroes face overwhelming odds–odds that they must overcome to finally bring the Child home to the Palace where she belongs.   or google him to find the locations of his book  His books are located at Barnes & Noble and Nook E. Book

This article taken from Mr. Crane’s site…