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John and Phyllis is a husband and wife author team. John has been writing poems since age 6 and has written stories, plays, screenplays, and his second book. He is married to Phyllis, the co-author of the stories, and has three children and two grandchildren. Among his many interests are music, videography, theater sci-fi, comedy, TED Talks, camping, outdoor grilling, and enjoying audiobooks. His dishwashing skills are apparently unparalleled.

Winnie and the Trolls, Winnie, book one,  and the Mystery of the Missing Moonstones, book two are known as the ‘Troll Series’.

John is past president of the West Texas Writers of Midland, Texas, and has been the editor and publisher of newsletters such as the Houston Epson User Group, the Acadiana Area Apple User Group, the Houston Mirror, the Midland Memoirs, and the Lafayette Lagniappe. He has also written over 50 songs, one which was used in his play “Mirror, Mirror” which he produced at the Playwright’s Theater of Louisiana.

For more information email them to find out where they will be having book signings at:

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Dennis authored the book ‘Mademoiselle Gigi’ based on the story of a young Jewish girl’s struggle to survive the Nazi occupation of France and the also the sequel  to it ‘Madame Gigi’

Dennis Ward is an award-winning playwright and author from Lafayette, Louisiana. His personal essays, short stories, and novel excerpts have been published in Southwest Review, Deep South Magazine, and Grey Wolf  Publishings Legends. 

His friendship with Gigi Carriton inspired his first play, Chez Gisele (2010) a drag-musical, comedy noir, which won as a finalist in the 2001 New Orleans Saints and Sinners Theater Festival. Her epic life story also fueled Ward to write his first two novels, Mademoiselle Gigi and Madame Gigi. In addition to his work on the Gigi series, Ward has written three additional plays, including The Roadkill Diner (2011), Big Daddy’s Last Dance (2016), and Finding Nelson Mandela (2017)p

The above information was taken from his front and back material of his books.

Dennis has a passion to feature local community events and literal arts and museum talents from our surrounding community. Dennis has been on Louisiana Heart Beats as a guests several times. He himself, is now a host for Louisiana Heart Beats and continues to bring in wonderful guests from our community.

If you would like to know more of what Dennis Ward is doing, then email him at

Go to and type in our show name, Louisiana Heart Beats Shows in the search bar.  Lots of recorded programs will come up. Scroll down until you see Dennis Ward in the video picture. He and I , Sudie Landry will team up to continue bringing great stories to be told on our AOC Multi-Media Community Station for your viewing pleasure.

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This is one of the authors that I have met at our local Writers’ Guild of Acadiana monthly meetings here in Lafayette, Louisiana. This is where people attend to be inspired and guided on how to a published author of their writings.

Dr. Phil, as known by most of us, would always sit in the back of the meeting area during these meetings. You could see his big smile even though he seemed to be so quiet. All that time, he had lots of things published that I did not know about. I seemed to be drawn to him and was waiting to pop the question, :Who are you and what are you working on ?”

One night he approached me and requested a meeting with me at one of his favorite coffee shops.  It took a while to get together, but it finally happened. I was thinking that he was going to ask of information to help him get his first book published like most appointments did request. I was wrong, wrong.

Dr. Phil shared with me what he had done already, which was a total of 12 books! It looked like he had done more than I could have ever offered, I was wrong again. I asked him how could I possibly help?  Dr. Phil said ‘Because I TRUST youto  help me market my books. Trust is a big word and that truly blessed me for him to even ask me.

Before long, I am receiving copies of all of his books in the mail to me, all at one time! WOW!

Well, I am blessed with a big mouth and I love sharing what all of my authors and soon to be authors are doing by interviewing them on my television show. So what could I do to help him I asked myself? I started to read them right away. I had ideas already of where I could set him up an author booking.

Well on Saturday, January 13, 2018, Dr. Phil D. Mayers presented a 2 hour mini-workshop at our local South Regional Library on ‘How to Do E-Book Publishing’. It was a HUGE success and I stopped counting after  of the people coming in.

This was his first speaking about his books He had lots of printouts and everyone enjoyed his honest and unique personality!

Please go to and see what he has available for purchase. Please share with others….It is not just for children…Something for all ages…

How to Successfully Create Your DREAM BOOK…Is a small book with POWERFUL motivational material to get you fired up to START WRITING YOUR STORY.

My 3 year old great grand daughter loves his book ‘Guitar Dog’

Go to and type in my show name  Louisiana Heart Beats Shows and scroll down to find the video with his picture and enjoy his interview.

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Carrie is a fantastic speaker and gives it her all to not only write books against domestic abuse, but goes the exta mile to be a voice for the voiceless in some cases.

She truly has a heart to make a difference and offers a source of outreach to these victims in any way that she can.

Carrie has authored two books, ‘Save Them All’ and ‘Just Find Me’. Her third book is to be released soon.

For more information on Carrie check out her webpage address below or:

Go to and type in my show name, Louisiana Heart Beats Shows and scroll down until you see Carrie in the video picture. It will be worth your effort to find out what she is doing and how she is making a difference in these domestic situations

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Mrs. Santa Claus…12/6/17

Rose Hoffman Cormier wears many hats, literally. Not only is she known as Mrs. Santa Claus, but also dresses up as Mother Goose, Fairy God Mother and Marilyn Monreaux…She is booked for many events. Choose you character, book her, and she will be there in full reality costumes to play the part.

This post is late, but an update******…Mother Goose will be having her own show reading books by our featured local children authors starting March 24, 2018. All shows will be posted on face book while being taped live by LOUISIANA HEART BEATS…Be sure to  watch for her on facebook and you-tube soon.

Her contact information is:

337-654-0571..(leave a voice mail if you want to book her)

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Ashlyn Hanks is a resident of Scott, Louisiana. She believes in her town and winning the crown as ‘Miss Scott 2017’ I makes her proud to go out and represent her town and its culture where ever invited.

Louisiana Heart Beats had the pleasure of interviewing her on our show. For more information on that interview, please go to and type in Louisiana Heart Beats Shows and then scroll down until you see her picture in the post. It will be worth the effort.

You can also email her at:

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Justin Calais/Author…11/15/17

Justin just released his first of many books in the science fiction category. The name of the book is SoXiety…Justin Calais represents our young authors in his generation.

It is inconceivable, in a world with two species of humans that things are still black and white. When Lamia loses a son and Herphle loses a brother, the racism  plaguing their world becomes deeply personal.

Now, mother and son struggle to keep the rest of their family together. Having superhuman abilities doesn’t help anyone escape the harsh realities of life and the pressures of society. This is a lesson Lamia and Herphle won’t learn easily as they  fight for justice and equality…

Email him for more information at: or

Go to and type in Louisiana Heart Beats Shows…and scroll down to find his interview regarding this book. Look for his name in the video picture. It will be worth your effort…

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Shermane Reed, the event organizer along with author, speaker Michel Lanclos will join in efforts to motivate, encourage and equip women to stand up against domestic abuse.

This event is to be scheduled for Jan. 26-27…2018.

For more information, Check out the website:

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Sweet Dough Pie Festival..10/18/17

Janice Fox, current Alderman of Grand Coteau, Louisiana was on our show today to promote the annual Sweet Dough Pie Festival.

More vendors are registered for this coming event 2017 held every October. Among the vast vendor tents, you will hear local music artists performing while visiting the booths where you can do some early holiday shopping and purchase some homemade goodies.

The Sweet Dough Pie Competition and booth rentals are open for all who must pre-register prior to the event date to secure a spot for your booth.

For more details visit:

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Genevieve is a Romantic Suspense Author. While working at her full time job, she is cranking out best sellers. She has authored at the time of this interview at total of 5 books. And others in the process of the finishing stages.

She is from Golden Meadows, Louisiana. Go to you tube and type in Louisiana Heart Beats Shows and scroll down to listen to her interview.

To contact her, her email address is:

She may have her web page now since this is such a late post.

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